Black Hat Briefings Day 2

July 30th, 2010

I unfortunately was not able to do very much at Black Hat day 2 due to having a ton of work to do to actually make sure the con didn’t fall apart. Mainly I got stuck in helping distribute Defcon badges. It was the first time they have actually given out Defcon badges at Black Hat. I did get to see the keynote though. Day 2′s keynote was (in my opinion) 100x better than Day 1.

Again, this speaker was obsessed with the word “cyber” but he actually used it where appropriate and where it made sense. As he was of the military background, he was talking about how the military has four domains (land, air, water, space) and they are all made by God (or exist naturally if that is what you prefer) but there is a new domain that they have to take into account that is made by man. This is the “Cyber” domain. The key differences between these domains, is not only natural vs unnatural but you can generally apply the same techniques between the 4 natural domains but that is not true in the Cyber domain.

I am not going to go completely into full detailed analysis about his talk but there was nothing that I disagreed with and thought he was absolutely spot on. Again, Ii am not sure if I will return next year for the briefings or if I will just go ahead and hit up B-Sides. We will just have to see what happens as it is another full year away.

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